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This is the home page for the Technical Support Wiki. Running Media Wiki 1.37.0.

Wiki Installation and Development

  • What you are seeing is the wiki I developed while working at a technical support company. All the information stored here is very historic and sensitive data has been redacted. This sites purpose is to show how a wiki can help your company store information in a structured way to aid your staff get the information they need quicking and remotely. This wiki is meant to be PRIVATE to your company, accessible only via authentication by engineers remotely. I wrote a public wiki for customers available here.
  • To address a serious problem of sales selling solutions that simply would not work I wrote a project scope and review process that can be found here with an example document here.
  • Due to the horrendous working conditions staff turnover was the highest in any company I have worked in therefore documenting Procedures was extremely useful to new staff members.
  • There was no Knowledge Base containing quick fixes for common problems.
  • There were no Build Sheets for companies detailing software requirements / configuration for new computers. Rebuilds of faulty PCs had no form and relied on engineer notes. So I wrote the rebuild form. An example is here.
  • There was no Knowledge Base containing useful Tools for diagnostics or faults.
  • I integrated various in house systems into this wiki. Engineer calendars were stored in Exchange / Outlook calendars, one antique CMS system and a half baked call logging system with a SQL backend were either linked to or data extracted and show alongside data stored within this wiki.
  • As the company was also an internet provider I wrote a simple program to check their connection, taking its monitoring configuration from this wiki. It was a revolution to know if a customer was without internet before having them phone up. Information about it can be found here.
  • If you would like a bare bones version of this wiki so you can fill it with your own customers info or are interested in development of the template or any tools please follow the link below.
Wiki Information

What's New

  • 27 Feb - Linked Windows Property:Domain Name using inline query, So they no longer appear as orphaned pages.
    Overhauled the Projects Document System.
  • 25 Feb - Worked on Suppliers and Procedures categories to make them tree viewable. Redacted some historic data from suppliers.
  • 22 Feb - Fixed the Form:WRCL broken by updates. Stripped more data. Added a load of useful tools.
  • 16 Feb - Added properties to core templates list.
    Created templates for catagory,template and property pages.
    Stripped out username and passwords.
    De-branded this wiki heavily.
  • 06 Feb - Expanded Issues Template.
  • 02 Feb - Major Update to Media Wiki, Semantic Wiki and other extensions. Rework of various templates.

All Updates

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Getting Started

  • Create yourself an account. You can not edit pages without logging in. Click the link in the top right or click this.
  • Login with your account.
  • Look at some pages.
  • Create yourself a personal page to get used to the wiki markup language. Your personal page can be edited by clicking on your name in the top right after logging in.
  • Edit a page when you find a mistake or feel some information is missing, us the "Edit with Form" link when possible.
  • Put a watch on a page, or more than one, so you get a notification of when it is edited by someone else.
  • Think of a section that information could be stored on for the benefit of your team or everyone. If you need some help ask Chris.

Notes on Editing

  • You have to log in to edit.
  • You can edit any page.
  • Don't worry about making mistakes every edit can be undone via the view history link.


Quick Links For Everyone

  • Project Form
  • Engineer Bookings (Disabled requires connection to Exchange Server - MS Outlook)
This Week Next Week
Telecoms Telecoms
Printers Printers

Quick Links For Engineers

13 - ServerUp.JPG

  • Calendars (Not functioning requires connection of Exchange Server)
  • Callouts (Booking/Jobs/Tasks) (Not functioning requires connection of Exchange Server)
  • Help Desk Queue (Not function requires connection to inhouse helpdesk)

Calendar Examples

02 - Calendar.JPG 03 - Calendar - Job View.JPG


08 - Mobile - Visual Calendar.JPG 09 - Mobile - List Calendar.JPG

Help Desk Examples

05 - Helpdesk - Queue.JPG

06 - Helpdesk - Job Edit.JPG

07 - Helpdesk - Job Edit - Contact Edit.JPG

Mobile View

10 - Mobile - List Job A.JPG 11 - Mobile - List Job B.JPG 12 - Mobile - Job Signature.JPG